Brooklyn Beet Company is a small kitchen where Otto and a few of his friends work with ingredients they pick up that morning.

     It is a garden where aromatic herbs, heirloom tomatoes, Hungarian banana peppers, squash, beets & different roots grow within 20 feet of the stove.  It is a beet ketchup, tomato ketchup, hot sauce, mustard, fruit preserve, dumpling & charcuterie laboratory.

     It is a storefront on 3rd Avenue, way down South, in a corner of true old B’klyn, where you can buy all of the above to bring home.  It is a casual and comfortable bar void of television screens where all juices are squeezed fresh and new cocktails are born each night.  It is a wine cellar with selections from regions of Eastern and Central Europe you may have yet to explore.

      B.B.C. is one of the few rooms in New York City where Korzo Organic Ale, Korzo “Fried” Burger & Brooklyn Beet Veggie Burger are mates.  It is a place to enjoy simple, honest pleasures that come from real food and drink made and served in a pretense-free environment.